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Something wicked is coming.
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I am not surprised by the differences here, but it is taking me a long while to determine how to use some of these magical items.

I have found a place to live. It is a strange building with interesting furnishings, but quite comfortable. I had a good night's sleep, which will be the first of many.

I haven't met any of those who chose to flee their worlds. I am hoping to discuss our circumstances and determine which God sent me here. It surely was not Apollo, for he is still angry at me for all that has passed between us.

I am now going to attempt to bathe in the strange magic water hole once again.
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The time had come.

Cassandra knew her fate. She had been destined for this death the moment Apollo laid eyes on her. With his love came certain responsibilities, for which she knew she could never live up to. With his love came a gift. With her refusal, came the tragedy that would be her life.

Since the fall of Troy she had lived in a permamant state of despair. Agamemnon was a harsh man and demanded more than just prophecies that he didn't believe. He had demanded her mind, body and spirit. Even though he had humbled her, Cassandra was not one to allow pain to strike those around her. As he took his first steps onto the purple carpet his wife had laid for him, he also threw away whatever advice she had given. In one last defiant move, he had chosen his death, as well as her own.

There was nothing she could do to stop it.

Then, as her bare feet made contact with the plush runner, another future flashed before her eyes. One where she didn't need to die. Where others who had experienced hardships were allowed to seek sanctuary. She had the choice where others had not. Die as a price for not returning a God's love, or fall into the pool that offered her hope.

She took another step...and dove in.
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